Luxurious scarves ranging from £12.50 - £40.00

Avril Parsons, one of the JAK Silks Partners, celebrated her 80th birthday on 3 April 2016.

Avril believes it's never too late to be an entrepreneur.

"Launching this new business in my eightieth year has brought an added buzz to my life. I'm thrilled to be in this exciting and challenging position at my time of life. Not only have I been able to use my marketing skills, I've also acquired a lot of new skills. I've always loved wearing scarves - I believe they can change ones appearance from being ordinary to glamorous - so running a business where I can be instrumental in creating this change for women, whatever their age, is hugely rewarding."

How we started JAK Silks.

JAK Silks was set up by Joy, Avril and Karen in 2014. The inspiration for the business was a gift given to Avril by Joy on her return from a trip to India - a beautifully soft silk scarf in iridescent tones of turquoise. The scarf was admired by many people who asked ‘Where can I buy a scarf like that?’ At the time, we couldn’t find similar silk scarves at affordable prices in the UK, so we decided to do something about it. We went to India and found our own suppliers. So now, the answer to the question 'Where can I buy a scarf like that?' is, of course, ‘JAK Silks'!